2. Philosophy-as-poetry

NB: Assignment #3 [PDF]  – due Oct 23

week 9: Mon Oct 23 & Wed Oct 25

We will read Lucretius’ philosophical poem The Nature of Things. We will begin with book I which explains how indivisible atoms constitute the whole of reality, in its different forms and shapes, and why the universe must be infinite.

reading – Lucretius, The Nature of Things, book I [PDF]

week 10Mon Oct 30 & Wed Nov 1

Next, we will turn to human psychology, life and death. In book III, Lucretius explains why although our soul is mortal, we should not fear death.

reading – Lucretius, The Nature of Things, book III [PDF]

week 11:  Mon Nov 6 & Wed Nov 8

NB: Assignment #4 [PDF]  – due Nov 6

reading – Lucretius and modern physics [PDF] – optional

week 12:  Mon Nov 13 & Wed Nov 15

We will conclude with book IV that articulates a theory of perception, sexuality and love.

reading – Lucretius, The Nature of Things, book IV [PDF]

NB: Assignment #5 [PDF]  – due Nov 20 – submit assignment here